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Spy Hidden Secret WiFi Audio Video Camera Recorder in Table Clock

Spy Hidden Secret WiFi Audio Video Camera Recorder in Table Clock

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Spy Hidden Secret WiFi Wireless Audio Video Camera Recorder in Round Table Clock Lowest Price

Key Features (Round Clock)

  • Resolution Ratio : 1080P/720P/640P/320P
  • Video Format : AVI
  • Frame Number : 25
  • Visual Angle : 150 / 90 degree
  • Motion Detection Camera Shooting : Straight line 6 meters
  • Minimal Illumination : 1LUX
  • Video Duration : Over 1 Hours
  • Compressed Format : H. 264
  • Recording Range : 5m'
  • Consumption : 380MA / 3.7V
  • Storage Temperature : 20-80 degree centigrade
  • Operating Temperature : 10-60 degree centigrade
  • Operation Humidity : 15-85%RH
  • Memory Card Type : TF card
  • Player Software : VLCPlayer / SM Player
  • Computer Operating System : Windows/Mac OS X
  • Mobile Phone Operating System : Android/iOS
  • Web browser : E7 and above, chrome, firefox safari.etc
  • Largest customer : 4

Spy Hidden Secret WiFi Wireless Audio Video Camera Recorder in Round Table Clock Lowest Price Online Store Near me

H.254-1080p Remote Wireless Table Clock Camera Operating Instructions

  • Thank you for having chosen this product. This camera adopts a unique ultra-portable design, which enables it to be applied in various fields and brings you convenient, safe and colorful daily life. Please follow the steps in the instructions to set up your camera correctly.

1. Press the ON/OFF key to turn on the camera. Press the ON/OFF key for 3 seconds to turn it off. (When the camera is on, you may press Reset for 5 seconds to restart the camera for factory settings)

Mode represented by key indicator

  • Red light is power indicator, which is always on when the power is on. Blue light is WIFI indicator.

Specific mode is as follows:

  •   Point-to-point mode: Blue light flashes slowly
  •   Configuration of remote camera completed: Blue light is always on

If you are not clear what mode it is, reset the camera and switch to point-to-point mode.

Note: This reset works only when the blue light is always on or flashes slowly. Press the Reset key for about 5 seconds until the indicators all go out, and let go until the camera starts (about 30 seconds.

Method 1.

  • Scan the QR code (Figure 1), and enter the download page (Figure 2). Choose to download the software according to the system of the mobile phone. Download and install the computer client through the download address http://lookcam.ffvv.xyz/lookcam.html

Method 2.

  • For Android, search for APP software called LOOKCAM on Google Play, and download and install it.
  • For Apple, search for APP software called LOOKCAM in App Store, and download and install it.

Note: If you scan with WeChat, when (Figure 2) appears, click the browser in sharing in the upper right corner to open and download the software. After downloading and installing, the following icon appears on the mobile phonel

  • Point-to-point connection of mobile phone to camera Enter the mobile phone WI-FI settings, find the WiFi account (UID number and connect. As shown in the figure

Click Cancel point-to-point short-range viewing (point-to-point is connected and viewing allowed) and click Yes to fast pair router and enter remote viewing (If you need to set up remote, please continue to read the instructions and follow the steps)

Set up the camera remote

  • When point-to-point video can be viewed, return to the previous level and enter the interface as shown in the figure. Click the setup icon → Advanced Configuration WiFi Connection Configuration → Find WiFi → Enter Password → Click OK and the camera will restart automatically. (Wait for the camera

Note: When connecting to remote, make sure you enter the correct WIFI password. Otherwise, the camera will restart automatically after clicking OK. However, due to the wrong password, the camera will not be online, and then you need to reset it and re-pair.

Specifications and parameters

Reminder: What Micro SD Card is required for recording? Why can't l use my Micro SD Card for recording? The camera supports up to 128 GB Micro SD card. Please use High Speed Class 10 FAT formatted memory card. You must format the Micro SD before using. If SD card is not recognized when inserted into camera, just remove and re-insert.

Why can't the camera go online?

  •   Powerless.
  •   Check if your router is working properly or not.
  •   Weak Wi-Fi signal.
  •   Wrong password wrong while Wi-Fi setting

Why is remote monitoring not smooth? You should choose a suitable resolution to watch according to your internet speed. Why I can't save to my SD card? SD Card must be formatted if this is your first time to use it.

How do I when I forgot my password? Press reset key for 10 seconds and restore the factory setting.

  •   The initial password for each camera is 123456. Please change the password to ensure the security of your camera.
  •   If the camera cannot be connected to the router, please reset, and connect the hot spots before completing the configuration
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